Maintain Balance between Relationship and Money

In this article, I am going to share nowadays people’s priority among Relationships and Money!!

It is important to discuss such things because in today’s busy and technical era most people are somewhere struggling with their own personal battle because they are not able to maintain a balance between Relationships and Money.

In compare to current earning, in old days peoples earning was less but their relationship bond used to be very strong. That time people used to give respect and care to their relationship.

Nowadays people are only and only passionate about money and luxurious life style but they are failed in their personal life in terms of relationship that leads to be ill mind.

So simple we can say that in this technical era people have a numbers of friends and followers on Social media but in personal level most of the people are alone because of their life style.

Nowadays people are very intelligent and have an extraordinary potential for goodness, but also an immense power to do harm on personal level as well as social level. Therefore, you are choosing right direction or wrong one that matters.

Everyone is responsible for their own situation.

People have hours and hours of time to spend on social media but they get irritated when they are surrounding with their life partner, parents, or sibling which is very sad.

It is natural and normal that in very relationship rough moments comes but at the end of the day everyone should analyze and realize that a good relationship is an essential part of life which gives peace and satisfaction on emotional level.

Now, if you want a normal, happy, and peaceful life there are basic and very small, small changes you have to do in order to make your relationship healthy along with your career growth.

Firstly work on your individual attitude.

Your own mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy depends on how you are utilizing it.

Today everything have been advanced – people life style, value of money has been increase but amongst all these activity relationship value is being ignored or can say taken for granted by everyone.

Everyone says firstly focus on career, start earning 6 figure revenue and once they will achieve outer needs then they will think about their relationship.

And those are the same people who say that the purpose of doing this hard work is to maintain their relationship in a healthy manner. But they are forgetting to give value of relationship.

Indeed they want a good relationship but they are not giving any effort to keep that healthy.

The problem is that most of the people forget to maintain a balance between professional life and personal life. And gradually it increases and brings a lot of problems in both aspects, be it professional or personal.

So again the question is what is more important in life – Money or love?

“All you need is love” is a popular saying but time requirement says money is necessary if you want love in your life.

Many people ask what is the trade off??

They say we don’t have time to do both things altogether and they don’t do actually!

Well in simple words life is not going to be normal or comfortable without any of these two.

Love and Money both together reciprocate their requirements at certain level.

Money and love are two big topics that often get debated. For some , they think that money is important because, without money, their relationship will fall. On the other hand, some people think that love is more important than money, and the reason being that money can’t but love and love is what makes the world goes around.

Why Money Matters?

  • Money Makes Your Life Comfortable
  • Money Can Buy You health
  • Money Creates More Opportunities for You
  • Money Can Help Others
  • Money Gives You Time, Freedom and Mobility
  • Money Gives you Education

Why Love Is Important?

  • Love Allows You to Connect With Others
  • Love is the Source of Energy and Motivation
  • Love Makes You Healthy and Happy
  • Love Makes You Kind
  • Love Leads You to Self-Discovery

So Is Love or Money More Important?

  • Money is a Tool
  • Love Can Make You Rich

Well as per my understanding Love is a certain sweetness of emotions.

The question is not about who triggered it for you…!

It is just that because of something or someone you started experiencing a certain sweetness of emotions which became so valuable at that time, you forget everything else. It can be your Professional or personal attachment with someone. But there should be a limit that at what extends you should get involved with that emotion.

Otherwise you won’t be able to balance your personal and professional life in proper manner which leads to raise problems on mental level and financial level too!!

Well, Money is a means to facilitate external situations; Love is a means to create internal pleasantness.

Love is what happens within you, this is the sweetness of your heart.

Relationship needs time, care , share each other’s feelings and money helps to facilitate external luxury.

Hence both Relationship and Money need to be nurture at their place. But ultimately everybody is running all his/ her life after success because they want a happy life.

So to have a happy and blissful life you must give value to your relationship and also you can’t ignore your career as well.

Suppose you are on peak of success in terms of career but no one is there to celebrate it with you then also you will feel incomplete and missing.

Therefore, understand the value of Relationship, Love and money in life..

Conclusion: The purpose of writing this article was trying to explain where people are lacking in their conflict mind and relationship gives emotional pleasure and Money gives external luxury. Hence, a healthy Relationship and Money together gives happiness and pleasure and blissful life.

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